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Unsightly moss and algae growth is a common problem for many roofs in the UK. Thriving in damp and shaded conditions, if left alone the moss and algae can build up and potentially cause damage to your roof.

If moss is allowed to grow in large patches on your roof, the patches can potentially cause damage as moss holds a lot of water which can cause roofing materials to rot. Water trapped by moss can also cause gaps in roof tiles as the water freezes and thaws throughout the year.

Keeping your roof well maintained and seeking professional help to deal with moss removal is the best way to keep your roof in good condition. We use chemicals to kill the moss and will then remove it from your roof, leaving behind a roof clear of any moss or algae.

We have a reputation based on quality workmanship, customer service and competitive rates. We work to the highest standard and will make sure that your project is completed on time, on budget and ready to stand the test of time. We are reliable, punctual and will get the job done. We are fully insured and working in a safe and tidy manner is always a priority.

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